Apr 23

Nấc Thang Danh Vọng Wasabi Mon Amour

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Nấc Thang Danh Vọng – Wasabi Mon Amour

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Wasabi Mon Amour
20 tập
US lồng tiếng

nac thang danh vong - tvb 2008

Synopsis: Japanese cuisine chef CHUNG YAU-WO (Tao Dai Yu) has long been in love with his childhood friend KO YAU-MEI (So Yuk Wa), who is always interested in pursuing a career in showbiz. To realize her dream, WO lies to the press and refers to MEI as “a most talented chef of the tim”. With WO’s , MEI has finally landed a job as the host of a food program. As MEI is completely clueless about cooking, WO decides to do her a favor by offering to be her assistant, which irritates his mentor KO SHAU (Chun Pui), also father of MEI, beyond measure.
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Apr 23

Công Chúa Cuối Cùng – New 2008

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Công Chúa Cuối Cùng – New 2008 – US Lồng Tiếng – AVI – 33 tập

This story takes place during the end of the Qing dynasty and centers around princess Yunxiang and actor Wen Liangyu’s love story. Separated the night they’d planned to elope, Yunxiang’s rescued by an enemy of the imperial family, Fang Tianyu. Tianyu falls for Yunxiang and frequently comes between Yunxiang and Liangyu, going as far as plotting to kill Liangyu. Yunxiang thinks Liangyu has perished and tries to kill Tianyu for revenge, but ends up on death row. Wealthy official Shen Shihao also loves Yunxiang and saves her, at which time Yunxiang discovers she’s pregnant with Liangyu’s child. She marries Shihao in gratitude. Eighteen years later, Liangyu returns as Beijing’s most prominent mob ringleader. Unbeknownst to him, his son with Yunxiang, Shen Zikang, has grown up and become a police captain dead set on capturing Liangyu. Further complicating things, Zikang falls in love with Tianyu’s daughter Yuyan, but she loves Liangyu.
cong chua cuoi cung - 2008
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Đội Điều Tra Đặc Biệt (FFVN) D.I.E – Hữu Duyên Kỳ Án (US LT)

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English Title:The Death Investigation Extension
Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Margie Tsang, Derek Kwok, Kitty Yuen
Queenie Chu, Rain Lau, Bryan Leung Ka Yan, Mimi Lo, Nancy Wu..

huu duyen ki an tvb 2008

The Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.) in the police force was established to accommodate those who have been sent away by their supervisors. As everybody knows, members of the Extension are to investigate unsolved cold cases. YUE CHI-LONG (Roger Kwok), who has cracked a large number of difficult cases by extrasensory means, is assigned to the D.I.E. believing that he will get promoted soon. Later LONG finds out that his supervisor still has a long way to go before he reaches retirement age. Hoping to leave the Extension as soon as possible, he gets to solve a lot of intriguing cases. New appointee YING CHING-CHING (Sonija Kwok) is a good-looking girl but she means to act tough and sassy in front of others. She takes an uncompromising stand over every case she deals with, which leads her into constant quarrels with LONG. The relationship between the pair is deteriorating day after day.
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Phim Dang duoc chieu online tai day: Hanh Phuc Mong Manh 2008

Download Ban DVD Rip Avi: Download Phim

English Title: The Seventh Day
Chinese Title: Jui Mei Lai Dik Dai Chat Tin
Genre: Modern Drama/Romance/Tragedy

Episodes: 20

Hanh Phuc Mong Manh - The Seventh Day - TVB 2008
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Apr 22

Mối Tình Nồng Thắm – TVB

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Xem Phim

about phim onlineSynopsis :about phim online

This story takes place probably during the 1920s in the countryside. The Fong family lives in a small village along with other families. The Fong family consists of Yau Wei, Yau Wei””””s mother and grandfather. Yau Wei””””s best friend is Ah Ngau. They work in the fields each day while the girls work at the tea plantation. After a long day of work, everyone takes a break and drink tea, everyone except the Fongs. Everyone is curious as to why they are forbidden to drink tea. The truth will be revealed later…
phim moi tinh nong tham - tvb hong kong

informationMain Characters :
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Apr 16

Cô gái xấu xí – Ngoài đời cũng xấu

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Nếu bạn chưa nhận ra “bộ mặt thật” của cô gái xấu xí Huyền Diệu, hãy xem
tiếp bài này để xem ngoài đời cô “xấu” cỡ nào. Và cùng thời điểm này, anh chàng “giám đốc đa tình” An Đông cũng sẵn lòng chia sẻ với bạn xem vợ của anh ấy ngoài đời xử lý sao khi cả trong các vai diễn, cả ngoài đời luôn được các cô chân dài “kè kè” bên cạnh.

phim co gai xau xi
Poster phim “Cô gái xấu xí”

Xem ban Dep:

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Apr 16

Lọ lem thời @ – Phim Mới

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Lọ lem thời @

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Tình yêu của giới trẻ trong thời hiện đại, đầy rẫy sự cạnh tranh khốc liệt và cả những cám dỗ đã được chuyển thành phim.

Sau “Tình yêu còn lại”, Thanh Thúy lần này sẽ hóa thân vào nhân vật Diễm Hằng, một cô gái xinh đẹp, thông minh. Sinh ra trong gia đình khó khăn, cha mất sớm, mẹ bệnh nặng, cô phải đi giúp việc để kiếm tiền lo cho mẹ và em. Trong quá trình làm việc Hằng đã được bà chủ tin cậy và giao cho nhiệm vụ giám sát “cậu chủ” Hoàng Quốc Minh.

Phim dài 30 tập (45 phút/tập) của Công ty Sóng Vàng phối hợp với Hãng Sena Film sản xuất do đạo diễn Trần Ngọc Phong thực hiện, với sự góp mặt của các diễn viên: Thanh Thúy, Nguyễn Phi Hùng, Trường Thịnh, Xuân Thùy, NSƯT Mai Trần, Mỹ Dung,Trâm Anh, Viết Cường, Cẩm Hường, Quỳnh Lam, Bích Hằng….
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Apr 15

Vân Sơn 38 In Singapore – Đêm Hội Ngộ – Xem Online

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Xem Online Hoac Download:
Vân Sơn 38 In Singapore – Đêm Hội Ngộ – Xem Online

No. Song Title Artist Name
1.Garden Paradise Vu Doan Singapore
2.They Don””””””””t Care About Us Ngo Thanh Van
3.Chinese Melodies Don Ho, Andy Quach, Cat Tien, Linda Chou
4.Giot Mua Thu Ngoc Ha
5.Ai Ve Song Tuong – Toi Di Giua Hoang Hon Nguyen Khang
6.Hai Kich – Ve Que Ngoai Viet Huong, Minh Nhi, Trang Thanh Lan
7.Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong Linda Chou
8.Aline Don Ho
9.Nhac Canh – Chuyen Ba 8 Van Son, Phi Nhung
10.Uniquely You Wendy Kol
11.Tinh Anh Ban Chieu Kim Tu Long
12.Vong Xoay Tinna Tinh
13.Elton John””””””””s Melody Vpop
14.Hai Kich – Hoi Ngo Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Minh Nhi
15.Han Do Ban Truong Vu
16.Paula Adul””””””””s Melody Cat Tien
17.Sau Le Bong Thanh Tuyen
18.Kiep Nao Co Yeu Nhau Diem Lien
19.Uniquely Colorful Singapore Vu Doan Singapore
20.Tinh Yeu Cach Tro Che Phong, Ha Vy
21.Bai Ngoi Ca Que Huong Phi Nhung
22.Song Tau Van Son, Bao Liem
23.Caravan Of Life Andy Quach
24.Finale Toan Ban
25.Phong Su Dac Biet – Dao Quoc Su Tu Van Son, Bao Liem
26.Behind The Scene

van son dvd 38 - dvd 1
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Apr 14

Thuy Nga DVD 91 – Reflection

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You can watch thuy nga paris by night online here
Or download dvd here

A Reflection of

thuy nga paris by night 91 dvd download

What a truly wonderfully meaningful and memorable program. As someone who was born here in the States, I found this program to be so enriching, as if I was actually traveling on this journey. And I learned so much along the way. Programs such as like really give us insight into our history and make us understand our culture so much more. The staging, song selection, singers, dancers, lighting, all in collaboration have made Paris By Night 91 a spectacular show.

Paris by Night 91 will lead you on an amazing theatrical journey from North to South Vietnam. The framework of the program will revolve around Pham Duy’s masterpiece “Truong Ca Con Duong Cai Quan.” The book Music and Technoculture by Rene T. A. Lysloff and Leslie C. Gay argues that it may possibly be Pham Duy’s most famous composition. The book recounts that “Truong Ca Con Duong Cai Quan” (The National Road or Voyage Through the Motherland) “was composed between 1954 (the year the Geneva Accord divided Vietnam into two countries) and 1960 and has since come to symbolize a united Vietnam, especially for the Vietnamese now abroad. The work features three large sections (‘North,’ ‘Central,’ and ‘South’) for the regions of Vietnam) and a total of nineteen songs; the piece depicts a traveler journeying from north to south Vietnam along the Mandarin Road, a highway that runs the entire length of the country. Tonight’s program does not use all 19 songs, but does utilize the ones representative of the three regions. In fact, “Nuoc Non Ngan Dam Ra Di” performed by Quang Le and Mai Thien Van in PBN 90 is one of the 19 songs of “Con Duong Cai Quan.” Each movement draws on regional folk melodies, giving the work tremendously strong affective power for Vietnamese Americans, who thus hear it as a nostalgic affirmation of a single Vietnam and, simultaneously, as a strong statement against Communism….The work is deeply symbolic, but it arose from Pham Duy’s personal experiences.”

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Mar 30

Welcome to Phim88.Com – The best phim online

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Welcome to Phim88.Com.

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