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Bên Lề Công Lý – The Other Truth

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Bên Lề Công Lý - The Other Truth

Xem Online Bên Lề Công Lý – The Other Truth TVB 2011 USLT
download phim Bên Lề Công Lý – The Other Truth USLT

Notable : Replacing Ghetto Justice (2011)
Release Date : June 27, 2011
Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Ruco Chan, Chris Lai, Rebecca Chan, Matthew Ko, Kenneth Ma (guest star 1 episode), Louise Lee (guest star 3 episodes), Kristal Tin

When a legal case passes through the courtroom, is the court’s judgement the actual truth? A group of lawyers with different personalities meet after encountering many complicated lawsuits. They go through all kinds of processes from collecting oral statements, evidence, going to court, prosecution and defense to being on trial before they unfold the story behind each one of them.

A good and evil lawyer, LAU SI KIT (Ruco Chan) likes to step over the line when doing things. For the win, he can even violate his own principles. His good friend, CHEUK SIU HIM (Raymond Wong), is the owner of a law firm. He has all the legal qualifications of a lawyer, but has absolutely no experience in court. In order to please the new colleague, a female lawyer HONG CHI YAN (Tavia Yeung), HIM makes his breakthrough and goes to court for the first time.

Their good friend, known as the ‘Bad Luck Lawyer’ WAI MAN HON (Louis Yuen) went through a bumpy career. With little interest in the legal field, HON relied on his mother’s aid to survive in the field until today. However, a lawsuit that the public sees to be a definite lose accidentally falls into his hands….

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