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Can’t Buy Me Love TVB 2010 English sub

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Can't Buy Me LoveCan’t Buy Me Love TVB 2010

English Title:
Can’t Buy Me Love

Chinese Title:
Kenneth Ma [confirmed]
Charmaine Sheh
Linda Chung
Moses Chan
Selena Li
Elaine Yiu [guest star]
Sharon Chan
Edwin Siu
Lee Heung Kam
Susan Tse
Louis Yuen
Susanna Kwan
Raymond Wong

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download phim Can’t buy love me English sub Can’t Buy Me Love TVB 2010

*Kenneth is filming Mui Siu Ching’s new series for sure.
*Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan, Raymond Wong, and Louis Yuen filming the TVB Sales Presentation Clip for ‘Princess Out of the Palace.’
*Charmaine Sheh is said to be filming this series after ‘Heaven and Earth.’
*’Princess Out of the Palace’ is not called ‘Arrival of the Princess.’

*Charmaine plays the 3rd Princess who will marry the 4th Prince of gold manufacturing company played by Moses.
*In the sales clip for ‘Here Comes the Princess’, Linda Chung & Fala Chen both play Charmaine Sheh’s maids.
*Selena has confirmed that she will film this series, but she won’t be back in time for the costume fitting.
*Kenneth and Fala will be a couple in this series.
*Edwin Siu and Sharon will play a couple in this series.
*Sharon will portray Charmaine’s older sister.
*Order of the princesses: (oldest) Sharon Chan, Tracy Ip, Charmaine Sheh, and Yoyo Chen.
*Kenneth Ma will play a royal designated matchmaker in ‘Here Comes the Princess’.
*The official English title for the series is ‘Can’t Buy Me Love.’

– 30 episodes long
– The five princesses will be Sharon Chan, Tracy Ip, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Chen, and Charmaine Li. Charmaine will be bullied by the other four.
– Louis Yuen (Kam Do Fuk/金多福), Moses Chan (Kam Do Luk/金多祿), and Raymond Wong (Kam Do Sau/金多壽) will play brothers.
– Susanna Kwan is the head of household of the Kam family. Her son will be Raymond.
– The Kam family is a family of goldsmiths.
– Lee Heung Kam is Susanna’s mother-in-law.
– Kenneth Ma’s character will be friends with Moses. He is a royal designated matchmaker.
– Fala Chen will play a maid of Charmaine who follows Charmaine into the Kam household after her marriage.
– Fala’s character will be a fighter girl who will be like Charmaine’s bodyguard.
– Linda’s character will at first be a village girl. Then, she will by hired by Raymond as a maid, and she eventually becomes a princess.
– Selena Li will be Louis’ wife.
– Susan Tse will be a kindhearted mother.
– Elaine Yiu will be a courtesan who is Moses’ ‘dream lover’, and he will discuss his troubles with her.
– Lee Kwok Lun & Mary Hon will be a shrewd and cheapskate couple.

tvb 2010 cant buy me love

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KK - 14 Sep 10 at 19:41:58

bộ phim thực sự là tốt và hài hước. tôi thích Xa Thi Mạn và chan Moses. toàn bộ dàn diễn viên đã thực sự tốt. funny phim và bộ phim hay!!! waiting for the vietnamese version. right now im watching the english sub!

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