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Chòm Sao Định Mệnh Cupid Stupid TVBI USLT 2010

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Xem Online USLT  Chòm Sao Định Mệnh

Watch online English Subtitle Cupid Stupid The Stars of Love

Chòm Sao Định Mệnh AKA Cupid Stupid (Traditional Chinese: 戀愛星求人), formerly known as The Stars of Love (Traditional Chinese: 占星情緣), is a TVB modern romance series which is airing on Malaysia’s Astro On Demand Channel from 25th of January 2010 until 25th of February 2010.


Fishmonger Chi Yat-Po (Steven Ma) constantly has to help his friend Kan Ngo-Lam (Tavia Yeung) who has a habit of falling head over heels for the wrong guys. The two soon meet Koon Sing-Ho (Michael Tse), a famed toymaker who is known for the strange toys he creates. Sing-Ho always finds a way of making something into a game, and loves to play. They also meet Fong Cheuk-Kei (Mandy Cho), Sing-Ho’s girlfriend, who does her best to put up with his mischievous ways.

Chi Yat-Po is in love with Ngo-Lam, but can never find the courage to tell her. When he finally does decide to reveal his feelings for her, his attempts are stopped by the meddling Wong Man-Keun (Shermon Tang), Ngo-Lam’s best friend who has a crush on Chi-Yat Po.

Sing-Ho and Ngo-Lam both strongly believe in horoscopes and fortunes, but they soon find that they may have even more in common. The two find themselves developing feelings for each other and they soon become a couple. However, Ngo-Lam soon finds out that Chi Yat-Po has liked her for a long time and she finds herself torn between Sing-Ho and Yat-Po. To complicate matters more, Cheuk-Kei begins dating Sing-Ho’s arch-rival, Frankie (Ruco Chan).

Meanwhile, Chi-Yat Po’s aunt, Chi Gam-Gill (Kingdom Yuen) finds herself constantly arguing with her ex-husband (Lee Kwok Lun), whom she shares an apartment with. She utterly despises him and regrets marrying him. She is furthered angered by the reappearance of a man named Greeny (Ram Chiang), a horoscope expert who told her to marry her then husband. When Greeny finds out, he tries his best to make it up with Gam-Gill, while trying to hide the fact that he has feelings for her…

The characters face many trials of love before they each find who is the one truly most important to them in their hearts.

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van - 08 Mar 10 at 14:59:58

loved it so far. what happened to chapter 15 and up? they don’t work ( english sub). please can someone do something about it?thanks

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