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Cupid Stupid – The Stars of Love TVB 2010

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Cupid Stupid (Traditional Chinese: 戀愛星求人), formerly known as The Stars of Love (Traditional Chinese: 占星情緣), is a TVB modern romance series which is airing on Malaysia’s Astro On Demand Channel from 25th of January 2010 until 19th of February 2010.

Watch online: http://www.phim88.com/online/Cupid-Stupid-2-20-(English-Sub)-xem-phim-view-143-2654.html


Fishmonger Chi Yat-Po (Steven Ma) constantly has to help his friend Kan Ngo-Lam (Tavia Yeung) who has a habit of falling head over heels for the wrong guys. The two soon meet Koon Sing-Ho (Michael Tse), a famed toymaker who is known for the strange toys he creates. Sing-Ho always finds a way of making something into a game, and loves to play. They also meet Fong Cheuk-Kei (Mandy Cho), Sing-Ho’s girlfriend, who does her best to put up with his mischievous ways.

Sing-Ho and Ngo-Lam both strongly believe in horoscopes and fortunes, but they soon find that they may have even more in common. The two find themselves developing feelings for each other but Ngo-Lam finds herself torn between Sing-Ho and Chi Yat-Po, her childhood friend. Cheuk-Kei is unable to put her feelings down for Sing-Ho and competes with Ngo-Lam as love rivals.

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Yen Kelly - 16 Feb 10 at 22:25:13


i recommend you to watch it!!

Mei - 25 Feb 10 at 14:58:02

The ending is very disappointed 🙁

David Nguyen - 27 Feb 10 at 09:21:15

How come there’s no download link for this in VIETNAMESE?

van - 09 Mar 10 at 23:30:44

i can’t see episode 15 and up..

mandy chung - 20 Mar 10 at 09:34:29

i am chinese so i could watch TVB channel
i like tavia yeung because she also at moonlight ré onance

bebe - 11 Apr 10 at 09:07:23

co link download khong ?? 🙁

tân - 04 Aug 10 at 09:02:05

i very like Tavia and Steven Ma,so i very like this flim,but the end…hixhixx

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