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D.I.E Again – Huu Duyen Ky An II HK 2009 !

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xem phim online : D.I.E Again – Huu Duyen Ky An II Viet Audio !

xem phim online : D.I.E Again – Huu Duyen Ky An II Chinese Audio with Engsub !

download phim : D.I.E Again – Huu Duyen Ky An II

New Series: D.I.E. Again
Chinese Title: 古靈精探2
Genre: Modern/Comedy-Action
Cantonese Pinyin: Goo Ling Jing Taam 2
Mandarin Pinyin: Gu Ling Jing Tan 2
Producer: Guang Weng Zhong [Wars Of In-Laws, When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West]
Episodes: 25
Filming Begins: November 2008
Costume Fitting: October 27, 2008

Roger Kwok
Sonija Kwok
Derek Kwo
Nancy Wu
Macy Chan
Rain Lau
Mimi Lo
Stephen Huynh
Ping Ha
Li Fung
Suet Nei
Wang Ching
Zac Ko
Chung Him Law
Edwin Siu
Jess Shum
Anita Chan
Eric Li
Peter Lai
Alex Cheng Sai-Ho
Candy Chu Yuen Yee
Guan Yongzhong

Plot Outline:The results for Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok’s series “D.I.E” were ideal. It became 2008’s highest ratings series. Last night, T V B had Stephan Chen lead a special celebration banquet for all the hardworking cast and workers in Tseung Kwan O. During the banquet, Stephan announced that there would be a sequel to “D.I.E”. Stephen knew that Roger was going to be a dad soon so he made arrangements for the series to be aired sooner. The series reaped the rewards of promotions so he made special s to Roger and his son, Brad. They released pictures at the right time with the media.
Roger expressed that he doesn’t want to have a son in the sequel because he is afraid of filming scenes with little children. He also has to look at everyone’s schedule because he would be filming in mainland China soon. He will miss his son when he films in mainland China. The reporter asked if he would consider naming his son “High Ratings” Kwok. Roger said: “Actually, I already personally gave him a Chinese name. His name is 郭令山. The character 令 means to lead others. The character 山 means to be stable like a mountain. I choose the name and hope that my son will have everything that we give him. Hopefully no one objects to the name.”
In D.I.E. which aired in April, 2008 the cast were
Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Margie Tsang, Derek Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Rain Lau, Mimi Lo, Nancy Wu, Ha Ping, Siu Yee, Chun Wong, Shui Nei, Lee Fung,Tim Lee, Queenie Chu, Joe Junior, Stephen Wong, Wong Ching, Lee Kwok Lun

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Tracy - 27 Oct 09 at 18:46:49

Episodes 18-25 does not work, can you please fix it? 🙂 Thank you.

Nghia - 04 Feb 10 at 20:39:29

ky lam…
Hu Duyen Ky An I ong kia tay nan xe va bi chet roi ma xD

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