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The Beauty of the Game (Traditional Chinese: 美麗高解像) is a 2009 TVB television drama from Hong Kong produced and created by Tsui Yu On. It is a contemporary drama focusing on recreational drug use and the negative issues surrounding Hong Kong’s entertainment circle.

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A Chip Off The Old Block

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Release Date: November 30, 2009
Notable: Replacing: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Episodes: 21
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hia Dong Vuon Dia Dang

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Tên phim: Iris (20 tập)
Đạo diễn: Kim Kyu Tae (A Love To Kill), Yang Yun Ho (Rainbow Eyes)
Biên kịch: Kim Hyun Jun / Kim Jae Eun / Choi Wan Kyu’s A Story
Diễn viên: Lee Byung Hun, Kim So Yeon, Kim Seung Woo, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Tae Hee, T.O.P, Kim Young Chul, ….
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