Oct 24

Tân Lộc Đỉnh Ký 2008 – ROYAL TRAMP 50 Eps Uslt

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 Tan Luc Dinh Ky

Xem 0nline Phim : Tân Lộc Đỉnh Ký 2008


Download Phim :Tân Lộc Đỉnh Ký 2008


*Title: 鹿鼎记 / Lu Ding Ji
* English title: Royal Tramp
* Genre: Wuxia
* Phim Dài: 50
* Phim dạng : AVI
*Phim size: 420MB


Masterfully interweaving fictional characters and events with those from history, Jin Yong’s last wuxia novel tells the story of an unconventional hero who achieved fame and success due to sheer luck and clever gimmicks. Born in a Yangzhou brothel, Wei Xiao Bao is naturally cunning, witty and lazy. Thinking he’s learned everything there is to know about heroes since the beginning of time from patrons of the local teahouse, Xiao Bao decides he wants to be one too. On a whim, he aids Mao Shi Ba, a chivalrous man who’d fallen on hard times. Xiao Bao then convinces Mao Shi Ba to bring him to Beijing, where the real adventures begin.

Huang Xiao Ming as Wei Xiao Bao
Wang Cheng Yang as young Wei Xiao Bao
Wallace Chung as Kang Xi
Shi Lei as young Kang Xi
He Zhuo Yan as Shuang Er
Shu Chang as Princess Jian Ning
Liu Zi as Fang Yi
Liu Yun as Mu Jian Ping
Cherrie Ying as A Ke

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maste - 04 Aug 10 at 08:09:04

lam on cho toi xin link bo phim BI MAT NOI PHU.

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