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Đường Đời Thử Thách USLT – Growing Through Life TVB 2010

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Đường Đời Thử Thách USLT - Growing Through LifeOfficial Title: Đường Đời Thử Thách
Chinese Title:摘星之旅
Notable: A co-production with Shanghai Media Group Company and TVB.
Modern/Grand Production
Leung Ka Shu
Episodes: 30

Lui Yau Wai – Raymond’s mom
Damian Lau – Hoi Leung 海亮 (Raymond’s 2nd uncle)
Raymond Lam – Hoi Seng 海星 (
Bosco Wong – Chung Lam Dai 鍾林大 (Toby’s boyfriend, Villain Role)
Feng Shao Feng [mainland actor]
Zhao Ji Kei [mainland actress] – 方麗京 (Raymond’s secretary, Likes Raymond)
Song Man Fei [mainland actress] – 祝耀群 (Raymond’s fiancee, Bosco’s ex-girlfriend) Xem online Đường Đời Thử Thách USLT

Yu Hao Ming [mainland actor]
Toby Leung – Mei Si 海美思(Damian’s daughter)
Cecillia Yip – Damien’s wife
Dominic Lam
Power Chan
Mimi Lo
Lam Yi Kei

duong doi thu thach tvb 2010 uslt

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