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Gloves Come Off – 拳王 TVB 2012

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Gloves Come Off - 拳王 TVB 2012

Xem Online Phim Gloves Come Off – 拳王 TVB 2012 Chinese audio with english subtitle

download phim Gloves Come Off – 拳王 TVB 2012 Chinese audio with english subtitle

Chinese Title:拳王
English Title:Gloves Come Off
Genre: Modern Martial Arts
Producer: Marco Law (Loving You I & II, Angels of Mission, Grace Under Fire)
Episodes: 25
Kevin Cheng
Raymond Wong
Selena Li
Nancy Wu
Kenny Wong
Edwin Siu
Natalie Tong
Florence Kwok
Janet Chow
Katy Kung
Power Chan
Tsui Wing
Benjamin Yuen
Gregory Lee
Kate Tsui (guest)
TONG SAP YAT (Kevin Cheng) is a fascinating Muy Thai boxer. He and his senior KO WAI TING (Kenny Wong) trained boxing far out in Thailand. Because of his moment of greed, he went down the Black Fist path and made a mistake that would make him suffer for life. After his return to Hong Kong, he was determined to forget the past and withdraw from the boxing scene. He works as a security personnel at a sporting goods company and has been romantically attracting his female supervisor CHAI PAK FAI (Selena Li) all along. BAT KA SING (Raymond Wong) is the assistant manager at that same company and under layers of misunderstandings, the two were enemies turned friends. KA SING has a strong Muy Thai dream, which eventually revives SAP YAT’s passion for Muy Thai as well. Due to boxing, the two established a deep friendship. Not only did SAP YAT get over his past, he also made a comeback to the boxing arena. He trained KA SING and mute female boxer DING YAN CHI (Nancy Wu) in becoming boxing champions, but at the same time his senior TING’s jealousy grew into hatred. TING started to damage the friendship between SAP YAT and KA SING… (aZnangel)
– Kevin Cheng and Kate Tsui are married with a son.
– Kate died 10 years ago.
– Raymond and Natalie are married with a daughter
– Selena is a strong career woman, and is Kevin’s superviser.
– Selena has a crush on Kevin, but is Edwin’s first childhood lover and later becomes his wife.
– Kenny Wong is the owner of boxing gym and hires diciples.
– Florence Kwok is Kenny’s wife.
– Nancy is a mute boxer, and is Power Chan’s lover.
– Nancy has a crush on Kevin
– Power works at Kenny’s boxing gym.
– Edwin works at a Telecommunication company, and is Kevin’s love rival.
– Janet Chow is Raymond’s ex-girlfriend

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