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Gun Metal Grey – 刑警 TVB 2010 English subtitle

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Gun Metal Grey -刑警

English tile Gun Metal Grey – TVB 2010
Chinese Title: 刑警

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English tile Gun Metal Grey – TVB 2010
Chinese Title: 刑警
English Title: Gun Metal Grey
Episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Suspense, Drama
Filming: September 2009 – January 2010
Producer: Tong Kei Ming (World Twisters’ Adventures, The Silver Chamber of Sorrows, Glittering Days, My Better Half)
Notable: TVB 43rd Anniversary Series (2010), Felix Won’s comeback series.

RELEASE DATE: November 1, 2010

Felix Wong
Michael Miu
Jessica Hsuan
Nancy Wu
Vincent Wong
Rebecca Chan
Elena Kong
Oscar Leung
Chu MiMi
Grace Wong

Plot Outline
Honest policeman Sek Dung Sing (Felix Wong) innocently spent 15 years in prison due to his involvement in a murder case. Later, although he investigated the truth to the false verdict, he had no evidence to put the real killer behind bars. The fact that law was unable to punish the real murderer, Sing could only handle the case himself!

Sing’s good partner Mai On Ting (Michael Miu), notices that something is different about Sing. Ting’s relationship with Sing starts to change from friends to enemies. Sing became more and more extreme, even harming Ting’s most loved to fight him. However, Ting believes in the law enforcement principles and insists on finding evidence to win justice for Sing. Ting and Sing’s battle goes from in the dark to the light…

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