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HK 2009 :Ho Phi Sinh Ho Tu – A Chip Off The Old Block 21 Eps !

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A Chip Off The Old Block

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Release Date: November 30, 2009
Notable: Replacing: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Episodes: 21

While the saying “Like father, like son” holds true for most fathers and sons, it does not for CHOR FAN (Chan Kam Hung) and CHOR TSZ (Ng Cheuk Hai, Ron). There is a world of difference between their personalities, manners of dealing with people and even goals in life. FAN is an out-and-out 60’s person, whereas TSZ believes he is well ahead of the 21st century. A thought-provoking time travel modern comedy, A Chip Off the Old Block reminds audience of the Chinese saying “Man is not born to greatness, he achieves it by his own efforts.”

TSZ is accidentally sent back from the 21st century to the 1960s. He befriends his father, who is a young man then. FAN puts TSZ up in his place, where TSZ comes to know the stingy KO SHAN CHEUN (John Chiang), who runs a noodle stall, the shrewish landlady TAM LAN CHING (Gigi Wong), the argumentative CHING LAN FUN (Shirley Yeung), who later becomes his sweetheart, and LEUNG PIN PIN (Nancy Wu), who comes from a rich family. TSZ is always abusing and offending people. Other tenants, especially corrupt sergeant NGAU CHING WING (Yuen Siu Cheung), hate him very much. Except for FAN, who always defends him and even later introduces him a job at a department store. In the 60’s now, TSZ however is as flamboyant as when he is in the 21st century. He finds FAN being too old-fashioned and kind-hearted. He almost makes other tenants homeless once, and he tries to destroy FAN and SO FUNG NI’s (Myolie Wu) relationship. Later when he realizes his wrong doings, he is shocked to know that…

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A Chip Off the Old Block - 01 Jan 10 at 10:36:04

It’s a funny show.

A Chip Off the Old Block - 01 Jan 10 at 10:36:32

I have great laughs watching it

A Chip Off the Old Block - 01 Jan 10 at 10:38:42

If I don’t have to wait for the English subtitlé, where else can I watch it (faster)?

kim - 05 Jan 10 at 12:09:53

please upload more

thao - 12 Feb 10 at 04:12:00

do u have the next level yet i mean

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