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Khám Phá Bất Ngờ – Sign SBS 2011

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Khám Phá Bất Ngờ - Sign SBS 2011

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Title: Sign
Network: SBS
Episodes: 20
Release Date: January 5, 2011 – March 10, 2011
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

“Sign” covers the lives and difficulties of forensics doctors at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Go Da-Kyung (Kim Ah-Joong) is frequently scolded by Yoon Ji-Hoon (Park Shin-Yang), but still is tenacious in her purpose. A hidden truth also prevails in a mysterious case surrounding them and their organization.

Kwon Byeong-Kil – Koo Sung-Tae
Kim Kyung-Bum – Park Tae-Kyoo
Park Young-Ji – Kang Joon-Hyuk
Kim Eung-Soo – prosecutor
Lim Seung-Dae – president of management company
Kim Jung-Tae – Jung Cha-Young
Yoo Hee-Jung – Mi-Young
Kim Han-Joon – Kang Yong-Hwa
Jung Ki-Sung – prosecutor An Chil-Hyun
Kim Hyeon-A – prison officer
Jeong Seung-Ho – Ko Kang-Sik
Yun Ju-Sang – Jung Moon-Soo (cameo)
Yang Taek-Jo – Mr Song (cameo)
Yoon Hak – boy band “Voice” member (cameo)
Lee Jae-Woo

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