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L’Escargot – 缺宅男女 – Linda Chung TVB 2012

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L'Escargot - 缺宅男女 - Linda Chung TVB 2012

Xem Online Phim L’Escargot – 缺宅男女 – Linda Chung TVB 2012 English sub

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Release Date: January 3, 2012
Notable: Replacing When Heaven Burns
Episodes: 30
Michael Miu, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Joyce Tang, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Yoyo Chen, JJ Jia
Big brother KWAN KA ON (Michael Miu) is an interior designer and his wife SZE LONG KIU (Sonija Kwok) is a modern housewife. The couple had always only hoped for a peaceful family, but because ON had to rescue second brother KWAN KA HONG (Oscar Leung) and help him get through the troubles of his failed business, not only does he put his career plans aside, his wife KIU also had to go back out into the workforce. His younger sister KWAN KA LOK (Linda Chung) didn’t want to burden her big brother any further, so she turned to her supervisor KO WAN JIM (Michael Tse) for assistance. However, the relationship turned into unethical interaction. LOK’s boyfriend TING KOON FUNG (Ron Ng) was angered by her doings and wanted to break up with her. Fourth brother, KWAN KA WING (Him Law) lives his life from paycheck to paycheck. He would rather spend his monthly salary than to take up the responsibility of owning a home….ultimately, a nightmare starts in the KWAN family.

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Mai Nguyen - 16 Feb 12 at 11:55:37

Toi cau phim nay phai dich ra tieng viet cho toi tai sao cai phim nay da ra het roi ma chua co dich ra tieng viet chu toi khong hieu tieng hong ko toi biet tieng anh nhung hang chu o duoi toi doc khong kep toi can phai co nguoi dich ra tieng viet nam da toi co the duoc bo phim nay khi toi xémo ngang tuy toi khong biet nguoi ta noi cai gi nhung toi thay co mot chut vui do nho hay dich ra tieng viet nam giup toi nhe thanks

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