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Ly Sang Phong Ba Chon Cung Dinh 77 Episode HDTV !

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Ly Sang Phong Ba Chon Cung Dinh

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Lý Sang Phong Ba Chốn Cung Đình

Title: 이산-정조대왕 / Yi San – King Jeong Jo
Chinese title : 李祘-正祖大王 / 李算
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 77 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept-17 to 2008-June-17
Air time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

King Jeong-Jo is Joseon’s 22nd Monarch who is remembered in Korean history as one of Korea’s greatest Kings who loved the people and reigned for the commoner.
Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo
Han Ji Min as Seong Song Yeon
Park Eun Hye as Queen Hyo Eui
Lee Jong Soo as Park Dae Su

In the late 18th century, Lee San became the 22nd kind of the Joseon Dynasty!
It was the most tumultuous times ever seen in the 500-year-old Joseon monarchy!
He was an open-minded, wise king who championed democratic values. The stories of his glorious triumphs, ordeals, regrets, and historical achievements are shown in this TV drama.

A story about Lee San’s life.
The politics of Lee San (King Jung-jo)

He was a natural leader who ended vicious partisan politics and revived the economy with his extensive knowledge of the market. He created a strong paradigm in the 18th century and ruled with the kingdom wisely!
This biopic drama covers his dramatic life and shows the achievements of the Silhak scholars and outstanding officials who rebuilt the kingdom’s power. The high point of the arts in the late Joseon Dynasty.

Hwaseong Fortress was a remarkable architectural achievement during this period and western knowledge began to seep into the kingdom. Brilliant individuals such as Park Ji-won, Lee Ick, Jung Yak-yong, Kim Hong-do, Shin Yoon-bok, and others are introduced in this TV drama as well. For the first time, the art workshop of the palace will be shown along with the Aekjung office and Seja Ikwiesa. There were 10 failed assassination attempts made during this period alone in the 500-year history of the Joseon Kingdom and they will be depicted as well.

Economic turning point in the 18th century. As family industries began to be replaced with a trading economy, the 18th century was a turning point for the economy-! The commercial trade of the times will be depicted realistically and the trading organization that Song-yeon leads is where the latter Joseon Dynasty’s economy originated from. The special Joseon Dynasty products that were made under the guidance of Song-yeon were exported to the China’s Ching Dynasty. In addition, the 30-year romance between the leading female character Song-yeon (Eubin Sung) and King Jung-jo will also be a main theme in the drama. The reinforcement of the army and military research In the late 18th century, western technology began to seep into the kingdom and many political factions that opposed the king tried to fan the flames by starting anti-government movements. This led King Jung-jo to take a strong interest in national security and a military buildup. This is when the king reformed the army and began to beef up military research. One accomplishment in this era was the publication of the Muyedobotongji, Joseon dynasty’s first martial arts textbook to ever exist.

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phutran - 16 Oct 09 at 13:55:06

toi thich xem phim

Cong Minh - 09 Nov 09 at 16:45:27

Cac ban lam vay, cac nha san xuat, long tieng, editor ho phai song nhu the nao? Cac ban lam nhung cai nay vi muc dich gi?

kimthuy62 - 14 Nov 09 at 16:58:17

toi rat thich xem phim ly sang phong ba chon cung dinh , toi phai lam sao , xin cam on

Minh - 09 Dec 09 at 22:44:41

Co ai co tap 52 tro di cho toi xem voi
Cam on nhieu nha

Vivian - 18 Jan 11 at 23:08:36

Toi moi coi phim Ly San xong cua hang EE long tieng..toi khong thay noi den thai tu len ngoi thay the vua Ly San khi ong qua doi la con cua ai?? La con ruot cua vua Ly San hay la con nuoi?

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