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Mac Hau Quyen Uy – Man In Charge HK 2009 !

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Xem online phim : Mac Hau Quyen Uy

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Release Date: April 6, 2009
Episodes: 20
Notable: Replacing The Winter Melon Tale
Synopsis: (credits to AOD)
Master TAI YAU KUNG (Gordon Liu) is skilled in training official advisor for government. He helps his foster son CHOW BING (Kenneth Ma) obtain a job in officialdom. Bing is a resourceful young man but he holds fast to his own beliefs. He finds all the rules and practices of the officials intolerable so he stays idle all the time. Sometimes he goes tavern to have fun and he falls into the adorable owner CHONG SIU HAN (Leila Tong). His wife CHIU YUK HING (Kate Tsui) becomes green-eyed monster and never stays in settlement with him.

Yau Kung recommends Bing to work as an advisor to the new government official SHUM GWUN BOK (Matthew Ko). Bing and Gwun Bok become good friends as time goes by. One day, Bing accidentally discovers that his respectful master Yau Kung is actually the father of Gwun Bok. In order to protect himself, Gwun Bok starts making use of Yuk Hing to eliminate Bing. Bing is shocked to realize that his wife is in fact a spy dispatched by Imperial.

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