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My Better Half TVB 2010

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Cast: Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse, Theresa Lee, Grace Wong, Mandy Cho, Mimi Lo
Length: 20 episodes
Genre: Modern Comedy
Producer: Tong Kei Ming
Scriptwriter: Law Chung Yiu

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Episode 1 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ching Sum (Michale Miu), a henpecked husband, regrettably found himself digging further into a black hole of misunderstandings. His wife Lai Sum (Maggie Cheung) saw him “goofing around” with a group of scantily clothed women who previously filmed an ad for his employer’s pharmaceutical company. Soon afterward, Ching Sum accidentally dropped his phone into the men’s urinal and was not able to answer her checkup call. To buy time and avoid his premature assassination, Ching Sum asked his wife, whom the office refers to as a terrorist, to dine with his family. The notorious mother-in-law and former principal criticized Lai Sum throughout the meal for having come from an uneducated family. Upset, Lai Sum left with a terrified Ching Sum tailing her. Being a truck driver for her mother’s fruit market, Lai Sum made Ching Sum sit in the back of her truck as durians fell on top of him each time she makes a sharp turn.

Feeling sorry for his elder brother, Ching Yee (Michael Tse) meant to give Ching Sum a silk scarf to pacify his wife. Distracted by a phone call, Ching Yee did not realize Ching Sum accidentally grabbed a silk stocking instead. Fearing his wife might mistook him as having an affair, Ching Sum prepared tea for her using the stocking as a filter. Lai Sum soon grew suspicious and feared her husband might have developed a weird fetish for stockings. While utilizing the ladies’ room at a shopping center, Lai Sum exposed a man sitting in the ladies’ bathroom stall with a red stocking covering his head. She reported the incident to the cops, who soon tracked down Ching Sum for being at the wrong place at the wrong time while wearing an identical suit to that of the suspect.

Lai Sum is the epitome of an overbearing wife while Ching Sum dares not go astray and holds onto the belief that respect is the foundation to a good marriage. On the other hand, Ching Yee treats love as a playing field. The womanizer equates a promise of eternity to one-night stands…

Thoughts from TkN:

Honoring Maggie Cheung’s comeback, TVB Guide will be providing episodic summaries for My Better Half. Regrettably, episode one offers a poor introduction to the series and I can neither confidently declare my viewership nor promise episodic summaries for all 20 episodes. At the moment, I don’t have faith in the plot but do enjoy Maggie’s acting and anticipate Theresa Lee’s character. Slightly off tangent, but Michael Tse’s womanizing look gave me the chills. He looks way too devilish, especially in the second screencap below:

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