May 24

My Sister of Eternal Flower – 花花世界花家姐 TVB 2011

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Tinh nhu tia nang
English Name :
My Sister Of Eternal Flower
Chinese Name :
Producer :
Guan Weng Zhong [Wars Of In-Laws, Survivor’s Law II, Face To Fate, When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West]
Script Writer :
Leung Yan Dong, Pang Man Wah
Blessing Ceremony Date:
25th August 2010
Xem Online My Sister of Eternal Flower English Sub

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Cast :
Raymond Lam
Charmaine Sheh
Pierre Ngo
Toby Leung
Alex Lam
Lily Ho
Yoyo Chen
Annie Chong
Wu Fung
Chun Wong
Genre :
Info :
*Charmaine Sheh will film a modern series with Raymond Lam after the series with Roger Kwok.
*Charmaine Sheh will play a delivery girl with the mental capacity of a 10+ year old.
*Raymond Lam will play a spoil rich guy. He & Charmaine will have a romantic storyline.
*Toby will be Charmaine’s sister.
*Kibby Lau will play a secretary.

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vinh ly - 29 May 11 at 23:04:13

good movie

vinh ly - 02 Jun 11 at 19:19:09

phim hai vui lam hay nho xem nhe

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