Apr 23

Nấc Thang Danh Vọng Wasabi Mon Amour

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Nấc Thang Danh Vọng – Wasabi Mon Amour

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Wasabi Mon Amour
20 tập
US lồng tiếng

nac thang danh vong - tvb 2008

Synopsis: Japanese cuisine chef CHUNG YAU-WO (Tao Dai Yu) has long been in love with his childhood friend KO YAU-MEI (So Yuk Wa), who is always interested in pursuing a career in showbiz. To realize her dream, WO lies to the press and refers to MEI as “a most talented chef of the tim”. With WO’s , MEI has finally landed a job as the host of a food program. As MEI is completely clueless about cooking, WO decides to do her a favor by offering to be her assistant, which irritates his mentor KO SHAU (Chun Pui), also father of MEI, beyond measure.

Although the food program turns out to be very popular, MEI often gets picked on by her half sister YIM LAI (Liu Bernice Jan) while at work. LAI is angry with SHAU for being bad to her mother and she means to make things difficult for MEI as revenge. In order to boost her fame and the ratings, MEI reveals to the media the private life of WO and herself, consequently leading WO’s career to a downfall. To escape from the misery of failure in both career and relationship, WO decides to leave for Japan and starts a new life there. SHAU feels the need to give MEI a lesson and resolves to reveal the truth to the press. In the meantime, LAI has also exposed a long-kept secret of SHAU, which has severely tarnished his reputation in his field overnight.

Main Characters :
Michael Tao
Louisa So
Bernice Liu
Paul Chun
Joyce Tang
Patrick Dunn
Dexter Yeung
Kara Hui
Felix Lok
Eric Li
Shum Po Yee
Wai Ka Hung
June Chan
Charles Szeto

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nac thang danh vong 2008

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