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Ngày Mai Tươi Sáng – Someday TVB 2010

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ngay mai tuoi sang 2010 tvb Ngày Mai Tươi Sáng – Someday

Ngày Mai Tươi Sáng – Someday TVB 2010 HD 720P USLT

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English Title: Someday
Previous Title: Sunny Days
Chinese Title: 天天天晴
Cantonese Title: Tin Tin Tin Ching
Vietnamese Title: Thiên Thiên Thiên Tình
Producer: Tsui Yue On
Screenwriters: Shaw Lai King, Kar Wai Nam
Cast: Louise Lee, Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai, Wong He, Crystal Tin, Johnson Lee, Aimee Chan, Tsui Wing, Lau Dan, Law Tin Chi, Lee Ka Ting, Raymond Chiu, Lau Kong, Suet Nei, Candy Cheung, Cheng Tse Sing, Geoffrey Wong, Janet Chow, Candice Chiu, Matt Yeung, etc.
Length: 120 Episodes
Broadcast: June 14, 2010 to November 26, 2010
Genre: Modern, Sitcom
Opening Theme: Half a Cup of Water (半杯水) by Tang Siu Hau

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