Những Chuyện Tình Lãng Mạng

Chinese Title: 你們我們他們
English Title: Dropping By Cloud Nine
Genre: Romance, Mini Series, Special
Producer: Ho Siu Wai
Production: January 2011
Episodes: 10
Notable: 2011 Valentine’s Day Mini Series Special

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Ron Ng (guest stars)
Kate Tsui (guest stars)
Mag Lam
Jacqueline Chong
Joel Chan
Macy Chan
Chris Lai
Vincent Wong
Jason Chan
Stephanie Ho
Sherry Chen

Episode Themes
01. Cannot Bear (不捨不得)
02. A Merry Christmas Alone (一個人的快樂聖誕)
03. Two Hearts Won’t Change (兩顆不變心)
04. A Spring’s Car Ride (一程車的春天)
05. Marriage’s Secret Talk (結婚密語)
06. Our Romantic Love Story (我們的浪漫故事)
07. Transferring Love (愛情轉移)
08. Beautiful Day Dream (白日綺夢)
09. I Do (我願意)
10. When Old Wool Sweater Meets Old Scarf (當舊毛衣遇上舊圍巾)

For the first time, TVBproduces an adaptation of Taiwan’s famous picture book Something AboutLove (你們我們他們) by artist Jimmy. The interpretation of the book isdivided into 10 romantic and emotional love stories. Each episode willhave it’s own story.
Brief Plot
Returning from overseas, JUNE(Kate Tsui) meets an online friend at a theme park for the first time.Fate allowed her to runs into the game of fate because the frienddidn’t come, a photographer JESSE (Ron Ng) hanging around the themepark caught June’s attraction. The two strangers spends the whole daytogether, sharing love with one another, leading to 10 love stories.Another game of fate starts…

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