Oct 31

No Regrets – Rosy Business 2 TVB 2010 English Subtitle

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No Regrets -Rosy Business 2 TVB 2010 English Subtitle No Regrets AKA: Rosy Business 2
Cast : Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Pierre Ngo, Ngok Wah, Susan Tse, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Elena Kong, Kara Hui, Evergreen Mak

Notable : TVB 43rd Anniversary series (2010), Replacing The Comeback Clan
Release Date : October 18, 2010
Episodes: 32

In the 1930s, Guangzhou was in political instability and had gangster riots. The opium business made good profits, but at the time the government set up a smoking prohibition bureau, namely on opium. However it was a fact that people were openly selling cigarettes, the female lead (Sheren Tang) is the leader of the prohibition bureau, but is also the Triad leader oldest daughter, she is heartless. The male lead (Wayne Lai) is the team leader of a criminal investigation unit. He is a hot-tempered man, but in fact is also a careful thinker. The two are destined to be enemies, having many conflicts and not going to make way for anyone. However, they still established a delicate relationship. When the Japanese invaded Guangzhou, the two faced difficult years together and eventually turned around to help each other….

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danny - 01 Nov 10 at 18:13:30

Hello Admin,

what is the Vietnamese name of this movie?

I am looking for part one. Please help.

Great post, good movie.

thank you.

No name - 08 Nov 10 at 23:43:48

Part 1 là Cân Quốc Kiêu Hùng or Khí Phách Má Hồng

admin - 09 Nov 10 at 17:37:50

Khi Phach Ma Hong – AKA rosy business

nope thank u - 22 Nov 10 at 20:30:56

TVB drama series, not a movie.
義海豪情 or No regrets. Is airing ep 25 in Hong Kong. Will end at ep 32.

Rosy business is similar in plot and actors and actresses, but different stories and characters and takes place in ancients China.

andy - 02 Jan 11 at 22:36:12

This is the most fantastic movie ever my mom loves it even more.

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