otable : Replacing: The Rippling Blossom (2011)
Release Date : March 7, 2011
Episodes: 32

Cast :
Liu Xuan, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, John Chiang, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, Claire Yiu, Ngok Wah, Jacky Heung Jor, Evergreen Mak, Leung Ka Kei

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WONG FEI HUNG (John Chiang) was early widowed, until a lion dance large convention, he meets a girl 40 years younger than him MOK KWAI LAN (Liu Xian). LAN was very attracted to him, and did not care about the age difference or secular vision and eventually married Wong Fei Hung.

Later, LAN arrives in Hong Kong and established a Wong Fei Hung martial arts community. In 1945, Hong Kong had a mix of ‘dragon and snakes’, the martial arts community were in great numbers, so to be able to be situated in Hong Kong, it is not something easy to do. LAN relied on the will of Wong Fei Hung’s real Kung Fu and her personal determination to finally get an outstanding name. Without questions asked, she promoted and developed Wong Fei Hung’s martial arts community into a greater height.

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