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Ổ Bánh Oan Nghiệt – Baker King KBS 2010 USLT

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Ổ Bánh Oan Nghiệt – Baker King – 30 Tập-US Lồng Tiếng.
Diễn Viên: Yoon Si Yoon , Joon Won , Lee Yeong Ah , Yoo Jin , Jeon Kwang Ryeoi , Jeon In Hwa.
Nội Dung: Kim Đỉnh Khâu là con trai cà của Kha Nhất Trọng , Chủ tịch công ty Samhwa một huyền thoại trong ngành công nghiệp nướng bách , mặc dù ông là một thợ làm bánh rất tài năng vả có vẻ như số phận đã đẫy đưa ông đến thành công , Khi cha ông làm chủ tịch công ty của nhà họ Kha. Trong gia đình cùa ông Kha Nhất Trọng. đã có âm mưu cướp tài sản , và chính trị vì những nghịch cảnh trưởng thành trong sự tranh đấu quyền của gia đình. Kim Đỉnh Khâu đã quyết tâm trở thành số một trong ngành công nghiệp nướng bánh. Ông xây dựng lại sự nghiệp của mình từ đầu mặc dù ông phải đối mặt với nhiều thử thách. Câu chuyện của Kim Đỉnh Khâu đã trở thành một huyền thoại lẫy lừng trong công nghiệp làm bánh của Hàn Quốc………

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Drama Characters

Kim Tak Goo (Yoon Shi Yoon) [ Male : (12 years old, 23 years old ~ early thirties ]
Although he is the eldest son of Food baking industry legend SAMHWA Enterprise’s President “Koo In Jong”, he is much hated by his father’s legitimate family as he is the son of Koo In Jong’s mistress despites his talent in baking.
He was eventually dethroned from his rights to succeed his father due to a conspiracy and had to start building up his career again right from the bottom, facing many difficulties and trials. Upon learning how to combine management and baking, he begins his way on building his business empire.

Koo Ma Jun [Adult] (Go Won)

Temperamental and inconsistent, once he has his mind set on anything, he’ll find every way and means to get whatever he wants or fulfilling any promise he makes to himself. He was supposed to be his father’s successor if his half-brother, Tak Goo didn’t appeared. Feeling jealous of his brother’s talents and his position, Ma Jun enters the baking world to get his father’s approval but ended up with countless setbacks due to being his lack of talent. Ma Jun often have the feeling of wanting to crush his brother which eventually leads him to an unfortunate end.

Yang Mi Sun (Lee Young Ah)
Yang Mi Sun is a Patissier who works along with Tak Goo after his inheritance was taken away from him as both of them are learning their baking skills from her grandfather. She dreams of being a Paris-Blanc owner of absolute taste although she is working in a rural area bakery and has been baking since she was five. She used to think that Tak Goo as her rival at first, she falls in love with Tak Goo due to his nice personality.Being the complete opposite of Yu Kyung, Mi Sun values her friendship, love and family above anything else and is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others. Although her kind virtues eventually captured the heart of Kim Tak Goo, she is also subjected to the bullying of Shin Yu Kyung.

Shin Yu Kyung (Eugene)

She is the first love of Tak Goo who had suffered extreme poverty and violence during her childhood because of her alcoholic father. Yu Kyung who has always wanted a better life, choose to marry Tak Goo’s half-brother “Ma Jun” and got trapped into a loveless marriage after she threw away love in place of getting power after Tak Goo’s inheritance was taken away. She later became known as the both ruthless and elegant lady to everyone who crosses path with her.

The Koo family

Koo In Jong (Jeon Gwang Ryul) : Gae Seong Enterprise’s President
Believing that being diligent can overcome everything and get the best results if anyone is willing to work hard, In Jong is both conservative and strict to everyone around him. A legend in the baking industries, he chooses his eldest son, Tak Goo as his successor despite the fact that he is his illegitimate son due to his inborn baking talents. However, his decision causes a rift and hatred between Tak Goo and his other three half-siblings as his wife plots to take back everything that was given to Tak Goo. He ended up losing everything he owns as well due to the ploting of Han Seung Jae who has been waiting for the chance to get back at him.

Seo In Sook : Koo In Jong’s wife (Jeon In Hwa)
When she got rid of Kim Mi Sun 12 years ago for giving to her husband’s illegitimate son, she wasn’t planning for the boy to return and announce that he is the son of Koo In Jong at his birthday party in front of everyone. Prideful and stubborn In Sook kicked out Tak Goo and schemes to protect the inheritances for her own three children. Despite looking elegant and sophisticated, In Sook is actually a sly scheming woman who becomes the driving force behind Ma Jun to push him to the top.

Han Seung Jae (Jung Sung Mo)
Although he is the right-hand man of Koo In Jong and stayed in the same house with the Koo family, he was once the first love of Seo In Sook before she got married to Koo In Jong. Being seemingly more loyal to In Sook than his actual boss “Koo In Jong”, he helps her to scheme against Kim Tak Goo but in actual fact, his own aroused ambitions will ended up causing the downfall of Gae Seong Enterprise.

Koo Ja Kyung (Choi Ja Hye)Diligent, responsible and strong, she is most similar to Koo In Jong’s character among all his children. Being in the second position to succeed her father in their family business, she is unable to accept Tak Goo although she always has a soft spot for her family members as it pushes her further away from the succeeding position.

Koo Ja Rim (Choi Yun Young)
She is spoilt youngest daughter of Koo family who is always creating trouble.

Madam Hong (Jung Hye Sun)
She is Koo In Jong’s mother who brought back Tak Goo into the family.

Yang In Mok (Park Sang Myung)
In Mok is the father of Mi Sun who is also known as the master of dough. Due to the pleas of his only daughter, In Mok helps out Tak Goo when he is in need of help. He trains his daughter and Tak Goo really hard, hoping to bring out the best in them.

Yang Pal Bong {Teacher Pal Bong} (Jang Hang Seon)
He is a highly skilled baker who is known as a baking god who created his own baking system and a unique living legend as the last descendant of a merchant. He takes in Tak Goo as his student after saving him for the jaws of death.

Oh Young Ja (Hwang Mi Sun)
She is Mi Sun’s mom and she is a the master of calculation. Being always cute and cheerful, she always gives Mi Sun and Tak Goo encouragements and words of wisdom.

Choi Jin Ku (Park Sung Woong)
He is responsible for dough in his current job. As he is also a student of Master Pal Bong, he tends to look out for and monitor Tak Goo’s progress in baking. But he becomes emboiled accidentally in the scheme against Tak Goo and gets into a conflicting position.

Heo Gap Soo (Lee Han Wie)
Although he is known as the bread plant manager where Tak Goo works at, he is actually a master old-fashioned cakes making as he is also a student of Master Pal Bong. Being a busybody by nature, he tends to poke his nose into almost everything around him as long as he got to know about them. He feels really nervous that Tak Goo is going to take over his position to succeed Pal Bong

Kim Mi Sun : Kim Tak Goo’s real mother (Jun Mi Seon)
She was working as a maid in the Goo’s family before she was kicked out by Seo In Sook for giving birth to Tak Goo who is her husband’s illegitimate son.

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