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Pháp Luật Vô Hình Gun Metal Grey TVB 2010 USLT

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Pháp Luật Vô Hình (GUN METAL GREY) 2010

* Title: 刑警
* Cantonese/Mandarin title: Jing Ging
* English title: Gun Metal Grey
* Genre: Modern/Police/Suspense/Thriller
* Episodes: 30
* Producer: Tong Gai Ming, Lau Choi Wan, Leung Yan Dong

Cast:  F e l i x W o n g, Michael Miu , Jessica Hsuan , Nancy Wu , Vincent Wong , Rebecca Chan , Lee Kwok Lun , Yu Ji Ming , Lily Lee , Mimi Chu, Dai Chi Wai, Oscar Leung , Lo Lok Lam , Goo Ming Wa , Grace Wong , Lok Tong , Lily Leung , Vincent Wan Ka Hung , Leung Gin Ping

Xem online Pháp Luật Vô Hình Gun Metal Grey TVB 2010 USLT

Synopsis:When a cop expresses his grievance and anger onto the world, he becomes the most dangerous man on the force. Taken from the top ten famous unsolved cases in Hong Kong, Gun Metal Grey depicts a cop’s road to destruction as well as the very truth of human nature.Fifteen years ago, upright police  SHEK TUNG SING (Wong Yat Wa) was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to prison. Now that he has been discharged, he decides to get to the bottom of the case. Unfortunately, he is unable to bring the culprit to justice because of lack of evidence.As a result, his suppressed anger continues to churn within him and whenever the law fails to carry out justice, he takes matters into his own hand.The sudden change in his character and behavior places his friendship with his teammate MAI ON DING (Miu Kiu Wai) to the test. Later, when he is trying to prevent DING from looking further into the case, he even hurts DING’s girlfriend, HUI MAN HIM (Jessica Hester Hsuan).The competition begins to intensify between the two good friends when DING is determined to deal with SING according to the law.

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thanh thuy - 04 Jan 11 at 16:06:33

phim rat hay, felix wong dien xuat qua tuyet. hy vong ong ay se dong nhieu phim de khan gia duoc xem cho thoa thich vi lau roi ong ay khong dong phim nao ca. ngay truoc ong ay la than tuong cua rat nhieu nguoi; toi rat la me ong ta mac du bay gio 0ng ay da gia nhung dong phim van xuat sac.

thuy lien - 05 Jan 11 at 06:00:40

woww lau lam roi minh moi dc xem huynh nhat hoa dong phim.cong nhan anh ay dong van hay thiet..qua xuat sac luon..phim xem hay qua..mong som co tap tiep theo de xem 😉

suongnguyen - 09 Feb 11 at 02:55:00

chao…lam sao de xem phim duoc .xin ban chi dum cam on nhieu

Master88 - 11 Feb 11 at 15:54:38

bạn vào phần xem phim online: http://www.phim88.com/online/

tammy - 25 Feb 11 at 21:49:33

luc tammy moi qua my duoc 12 tuoi da coi bo phim ANH hung XA DIEU .QUACH TINH & DUONG KHANG .Bay gio TAMMY 40 Tuoi van thay hai nguoi ho dong phim con rat la hay va tuyet hay .Ca co vai chinh TAMMY cung rat thich coi co dong phim. Ba nguoi ho dong rat la suat sac.Tammy coi phim bo lam, bo an, bo chong, bo con,vay la biet phim hay nhu the nao roi.

vinhvo - 25 Dec 12 at 10:04:12

Rieng y kien cua rieng minh ve phim anh trong bo phim gun metal .Ho su dung nhu 2 nhan vat co nhung uat mac ma tu lau ko noi ra thi that su rat la binh thuong . Ho ko noi ra y nghia trong tam trong bo phim nay co nhung con duong moi la ho chi dung khai niem nam 80 va 90 de tao ra nhung nhan vat day thu thach va dac diem day ho dung cach noi de khang gia va nguoi xem can phai chu y voi Toi day la nhung bo phim day BINH VI .

vinhvo - 25 Dec 12 at 10:05:00

Xin cac ban cho gop y kien

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