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Ranh Giới Thiện Ác – Highs and Lows TVB 2012

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Ranh Giới Thiện Ác - Highs and Lows TVB 2012

Xem Online phim Ranh Giới Thiện Ác – Highs and Lows TVB 2012 HD720p FFVN

download phim Ranh Giới Thiện Ác – Highs and Lows TVB 2012 HD720p FFVN

Giám chế: Lâm Chí Hoa
Biên thẩm: Lương Ân Đồng, Diệp Thiên Thành
Số tập: 30
Hãng sản xuất: TVB
Diễn viên:
Miêu Kiều Vỹ – Gordon Hướng Vinh
Lâm Phong – Happy Sir Vi Thế Lạc
Từ Tử San – Trần Gia Bích
Ngô Ý Lợi – Vu Vịnh Đồng
Huỳnh Trí Hiền – Phan Học Lễ
Quan Ân Na – Cao Hy Tuyền

As a Senior Inspector of the Narcotics Bureau Operation Unit, Heung Wing (Miu Kiu Wai) profoundly abhors evil. He and Wai Sai-Lok (Raymond Lam) – Senior Inspector of the Intelligence Unit have closely co-operated with each other as peer mentors, frequently solving drug trafficking cases for the Police Force. During an operation to knock down the targets, Sai-Lok discovers clues that Heung Wing is most likely the corrupt cop in a collusion conspiracy with drug dealers. Apart from launching a secret investigation into Heung Wing, Sai-Lok is also alienated from him by the evil-willed Chief Inspector of the Operation Unit – Pun Hok-Lai (Ben Wong). Having undergone various disputes against each other, the long-term brotherly relationship between SAI-LOK and HEUNG WING appears full of contradictions. On the other hand, following an investigation, Sai-Lok falls in love with a snitch – Chan Ka-Pik (Kate Tsui), who suffers from low self-esteem due to her humble beginning. Deliberately denying her affection to Sai-Lok , Ka-Pik gives up on him so that his secret admirer – Ko Hei-Suen (Ella Koon), a rookie police officer, can have the chance, leading to a subtle relationship among the three. Feeling life is so dreary, KA-PIK ultimately digs her own grave by becoming a new generation of drug dealer, involved in drug trafficking and provoking the Police Force. With intense sorrow, Sai-Lok then joins forces with Heung Wing against Ka-Pik , waging a chain of bitter battles.

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kim - 19 Nov 12 at 14:17:57

bo phim nay ket thuc qua do khong the nao Pat lai co con voi sep phan ,he la nguoi khong tot ,2 nguoi khong he yeu nhau ket cuc lai de lai dua con khong co gi y nghia .Neu co con de lai phai la con cua sep Vi moi la key cuc hay .qua do ,qua do ongdao dien oi qua do ….

anhdaocs - 07 Feb 13 at 08:37:03

Toi muon xem phim nay tren dt BB

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