Hồng Ân Thái Cực Quyền – The Master of Tai Chi
Xem Online Hồng Ân Thái Cực Quyền – The Master of Tai Chi Tai Day
US Lồng Tiếng Version
hong an thai cuc quyen - master of taichi

Tên tiếng Trung: TaiChi (太極)
Tên TAnh: The Master of Tai Chi
Tên TViệt: Thái Cực
Tên nhân vật: /
Cast:Lâm Phong, Triệu Văn Trác, Hồ Hạnh Nhi, Mã Quốc Minh, Ngô Mĩ Hạnh, Trịnh Tuấn Hoằng, Quách Chính Hồng, Trần Quốc Bang…

Đôi lời nhận xét của Bói tui:
Với một câu chuyện rắc rối, lằng nhằng, phức tạp như thế này chưa chắc dân HK đã thích… nên rating film này có khi sẽ dính chưởng giống Hoả vũ hoàng sa. tuy nhiên với các cảnh quay võ thuật hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn thì có thể có kết quả ngc lại. Chẹp, khó đoán đây…Câu chuyện ko có j quá mới mẻ…những tình tiết quen thuộc, dễ gặp trong các truyện, các film.Tình tiết lằng nhằng, rắc rối, ng` này nối với ng` kia. Xem ra là một film đau đầu, ko phải film nhẹ nhàng vui vẻ rồi.
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A Chip Off The Old Block

xem phim online :Ho phu sinh ho tu – A Chip Off The Old Block Uslt :

xem phim online : A Chip Off The Old Block Chinese Audio With English Sub :


download phim : A Chip Off The Old Block


Release Date: November 30, 2009
Notable: Replacing: Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Episodes: 21
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Tam Quốc – Triệu Tử Long – Resurrection of the Dragon
Phim Bản đẹp, phụ đề Anh Ngữ(English subtitles)
Mời các bạn xem online tại đây: http://phim88.com/online/xem-phim-view-122-826.html
Diễn Viên: Andy Lau, Maggi Q,


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Nấc Thang Danh Vọng – Wasabi Mon Amour

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Wasabi Mon Amour
20 tập
US lồng tiếng

nac thang danh vong - tvb 2008

Synopsis: Japanese cuisine chef CHUNG YAU-WO (Tao Dai Yu) has long been in love with his childhood friend KO YAU-MEI (So Yuk Wa), who is always interested in pursuing a career in showbiz. To realize her dream, WO lies to the press and refers to MEI as “a most talented chef of the tim”. With WO’s , MEI has finally landed a job as the host of a food program. As MEI is completely clueless about cooking, WO decides to do her a favor by offering to be her assistant, which irritates his mentor KO SHAU (Chun Pui), also father of MEI, beyond measure.
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Công Chúa Cuối Cùng – New 2008 – US Lồng Tiếng – AVI – 33 tập

This story takes place during the end of the Qing dynasty and centers around princess Yunxiang and actor Wen Liangyu’s love story. Separated the night they’d planned to elope, Yunxiang’s rescued by an enemy of the imperial family, Fang Tianyu. Tianyu falls for Yunxiang and frequently comes between Yunxiang and Liangyu, going as far as plotting to kill Liangyu. Yunxiang thinks Liangyu has perished and tries to kill Tianyu for revenge, but ends up on death row. Wealthy official Shen Shihao also loves Yunxiang and saves her, at which time Yunxiang discovers she’s pregnant with Liangyu’s child. She marries Shihao in gratitude. Eighteen years later, Liangyu returns as Beijing’s most prominent mob ringleader. Unbeknownst to him, his son with Yunxiang, Shen Zikang, has grown up and become a police captain dead set on capturing Liangyu. Further complicating things, Zikang falls in love with Tianyu’s daughter Yuyan, but she loves Liangyu.
cong chua cuoi cung - 2008
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Đội Điều Tra Đặc Biệt (FFVN) D.I.E – Hữu Duyên Kỳ Án (US LT)

Moi ban xem online tai day: http://phim88.com/online/xem-phim-view-143-810.html
English Title:The Death Investigation Extension
Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Margie Tsang, Derek Kwok, Kitty Yuen
Queenie Chu, Rain Lau, Bryan Leung Ka Yan, Mimi Lo, Nancy Wu..

huu duyen ki an tvb 2008

The Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.) in the police force was established to accommodate those who have been sent away by their supervisors. As everybody knows, members of the Extension are to investigate unsolved cold cases. YUE CHI-LONG (Roger Kwok), who has cracked a large number of difficult cases by extrasensory means, is assigned to the D.I.E. believing that he will get promoted soon. Later LONG finds out that his supervisor still has a long way to go before he reaches retirement age. Hoping to leave the Extension as soon as possible, he gets to solve a lot of intriguing cases. New appointee YING CHING-CHING (Sonija Kwok) is a good-looking girl but she means to act tough and sassy in front of others. She takes an uncompromising stand over every case she deals with, which leads her into constant quarrels with LONG. The relationship between the pair is deteriorating day after day.
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