Dec 26

The Beauty of the Game – Thang tram kiep my nhan !

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The Beauty of the Game (Traditional Chinese: 美麗高解像) is a 2009 TVB television drama from Hong Kong produced and created by Tsui Yu On. It is a contemporary drama focusing on recreational drug use and the negative issues surrounding Hong Kong’s entertainment circle.

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Setting out on their quest for fame and fortune, three female TV stars of different backgrounds are resolved to achieve their dreams at any price. But after so many ups and downs in their acting careers, they finally come to discover the secret of true beauty.
Driven by sheer vanity, Ko Ching-man (Kate Tsui) takes part in a beauty pageant despite the strong opposition of her mother, a long-retired actress named Cheung Lai-hung (Kingdom Yuen), and leaps to stardom soon after winning the championship. Rising actress Cally Tong (Sharon Chan) feels threatened by Man and decides to join another TV station to look for a breakthrough, which is not supported by her production assistant friend Deacon Chong (Chris Lai). Leading actress Keung Chin-fung (Christine Ng) used to be a bitter rival of Hung. Realizing that Man’s acting career is taking off at top speed, Fung means to approach her as a mentor, through which she hopes to drag the girl into her moral downfall bit by bit. Desperate for everlasting beauty, Fung injects herself with botox in an attempt to slow the aging process. But things do not really go as planned and her face starts to change in shape. Her advertising deal with a cosmetics company is subsequently canceled and Man has soon replaced her as the new product endorser. Even the Award of Best Actress, which she has won for years, is slipping out of her hands. To vent her anger, Fung seeks to extract revenge on Man, finally plunging her into a world of pain and trouble.

Kate Tsui
Christine Ng
Kingdom Yuen
Sharon Chan
Lai Lok Yi
Wong Cho Lam
Stephen Huynh
Raymond Cho
Mimi Lo
Evergreen Mak
Jeanette Leung
Fe… Lok
Yu Yeung
Yvonne Lam
Kwok Fung
Helen Ma
Samson Yeung
Celine Ma
Lee Ka Ding

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ngyen - 28 Dec 09 at 03:39:50

wow good

Mickky - 08 Feb 10 at 23:00:08

Hello everyone,

This is so like reality. I a model and I know that others use really bad methods to get what they want !

wendiie - 11 Feb 10 at 06:06:21

Yes it’s is true but …
you know it’s kinda gay, you should just be proud of who you are and be proud what sort of place your in.

so cares about famous, cause it depends they way you treat them and they way you react to them

because i actually don’t care what sort of rank they are in depends how good there acting is.

this is for all of them 😀
be proud and happy of who you are now (:
because you came really far to a great role of an awesome career !

lan nguyen - 12 Feb 10 at 21:00:05

tis movie was great….enough watchin it!!!

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