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The Days of Days – 初五啟市錄 TVB 2013

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The Days of Days - 初五啟市錄 TVB 2013

Xem Online Phim The Days of Days – 初五啟市錄 TVB 2013 English Subtitle

download phim The Days of Days – 初五啟市錄 TVB 2013 HD720p English Subtitle

Chinese title: 初五啟市錄
English title: The Days of Days
Genre: Period drama, family affairs
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen (Ghost Writer, 7 Days In Life, King Maker)
Production: September – November 2012
Notable: 2013 Chinese New Year series
Episodes: 20
Sunny Chan
Sonija Kwok
Raymond Wong
Lin Xiawei
KK Cheung
Katy Kung
Evergreen Mak
Vivien Yeo
Cilla Kung
Eric Lee
Ching Ho Wai
Patrick Tang
Law Lok Lam
Tracy Ip
Sammy Sum
Matt Yeung
Matthew Ko
Story Overview: Set in the 1930s Guangzhou. The theme is on family resentment, military power struggle and spies’ battle of wits. Sunny was initially an idler in the Tong family and admired Sonija; He is also Guangzhou’s Mayor second son, later becomes the Deputy Mayor; Sonija is the big sister and head of the Tong family; Raymond is a fallen triad leader, he led a group of lazy brothers. Raymond didn’t get along with Sonija/Sunny initially didn’t get along, but later mutually supported one another; Lin Xiawei is Sonija’s sister, she initially pretended to like Raymond, but slowly developed real feelings and they became a bickering pair; Cilla Lok is Raymond’s sister, a courageous and rebellious young woman, often gets into trouble; Patrick is Sonija’s cousin, a pervert; Tracy is controlled by a theft organization, she marries into the Tong family and plots to take their family property; Evergreen Mak guest stars as Sunny’s missing elder brother.

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