May 11

Thien Chi Kieu Tu 2008

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Xem Online:
Lijun (Li Bingbing), a beautiful and intelligent girl, falls in love with a talented and promising young man named Wangfu Shaohua (Huang Haibing). The emperor’s nephew Liu Kui (Chen Long) comes across Lijun and gets allured by her beauty. He wants to marry her but she refuses, so Liu abuses his power to exile Shaohua. Lijun then disguises as a man and, with her intelligence, finally becomes a court official. Meanwhile, Shaohua also arrives at the capital of China after much bitterness and he finally meets up with Lijun. But can they restore their peaceful days?

Thien Chi Kieu Tu 2008 TVB

Thien Chi Kieu Tu
Starring: * Li Bing Bing as Meng Li Jun
* Huang Hai Bing as Huangfu Shao Hua
* Johnny Chen as Liu Kui Bi
* Sun Xing as Liu Jie
* Gao Hong Xian as Emperor
* Sun Ning as Huangfu Zhang Hua / Empress
* Wang Ling as Liu Yan Yu
* Shi Xiao Qun as Su Ying Xue and Su Su Hua

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tan - 13 May 08 at 15:09:26

good movies

candy - 14 May 08 at 17:15:58

luc nao moi co ca bo vay

admin - 14 May 08 at 18:20:08

dang update moi ngay ban a :d

hatochau - 27 Dec 09 at 19:08:39

Chi xem online chu khong cho DOWNLOAD ha?

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