Jul 17

Thiên Hạ Đệ Nhất Bà Mai 13 DVD 49 Tap

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Thiên Hạ Đệ Nhất Bà Mai

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cast : zhang bo (the cute guy)
the only one i could find.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketit’s about the competition of matchmaking! Song Song is a women who wants to be a matchmaker because she wants money, until she starts caring for her clients. While making marriages for other people her own marriage falls apart because her husband has gone to the capital to become a member of the court & married another girl who has status because of who her father is. Song Song makes friends with the royal doctor (not at first. She hates him at first). This royal doctor, is on the lookout for a fan (with some letter or poem holding some information) and the princess, to give it to her. [Picture is Lac Tien Sinh the doctor & Thanh Phong Song Song] .;;; the fan holds information about the true death of the last king. so Phung Thanh;; who is one of the current-emperor’s aunt is after it because it can prove she’s behind it. in the end… she ended up admitting the truth in front of the emperor because there was actually no poem proving the information.

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