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Thiên Tầm Kỳ Biến 2 – New Reincarnated ATV

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Thiên Tầm Kỳ Biến 2 - New Reincarnated ATVThiên Tầm Kỳ Biến 2 – New Reincarnated ATV /

New Reincarnated – To Compete with the Sky’s Height 1993
Wan Fei Yeung – Tsui Shiu Keung
Mou Dik – Yong Chak Lum – Yang Liu Lang in Heroine of The Yang- guest appearance
Cheng Tuck – Chung Yeung
Tsui Ting Feng – Poon Chi Mun
Siu Chi – Wan Tin Jieu
Luk Dan – Lo Chung Wah
Sa Gao Meng Du – Wai Tin Chi
Tong Bai Chuan – Ko Hung
Bak Shek – Wong Yin Choy
Fu Heung Kwan – Mak Lai Hung

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Chu Jing Jieu – Choi Hiu Yee
Tong Ning – Suet Lei
Bei Bei – Cheng Mun Yee
Lee Feng – Fung Mei Ying
Lau Jin – Lo Liet – passed away recently
Elder But Lo – Ou Yeung Pui Shan – retired
Even if you have the chance, don’t bother. It is not faithful to the novel at all and the attention is not on Wan Fei Yeung! Why are Siu Chi and Luk Dan the leads? Both really lack the makings to be a Dap Hup! They are not like Koo Tin Lok or Lam Fung. I will make some comparisons to ‘Tin Long Juet’ since the characters are the same.

Story – so bad that I have no mood to do the usual story-telling like what I did to other serials
Fei Yeung has a duel with Mou Dik. Mou Dik even prepares Wan’s grave beforehand beside Fung’s grave. He says sarcastically that both are illegible children and they should be buried together. Wan kills him and leads a seclude life. Heung Kwan arrives and cries upon seeing his grave. Wan manages to save Luk Dan from being killed by the court soldiers. He also finds Siu Chi kind to protect Luk Dan although he is a thief so he protects both of them secretly.

Siu Chi and Luk Dan get into the Miao tribe. Meng Du catches them but his sister Bei Bei releases them. Siu Chi is greedy over the treasures in a cave. He manages to get some out from there but gets bitten by a silkworm…to master ‘Tiancan skill’ so fast?

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