Jul 11

Tuyet Menh Thien Nhai 34 Eps Uslt!

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Tuyet Menh Thien Nhai -The Immortal Fugitive
Diễn Viên:
Lưu Tùng Nhân
Quang Vinh Hà
Mạc Thiếu Thông
Ma Cô

Director: Leung Pun Hei
It is time where The Dragon Empress Dowager Cixi (Tsu-Hiu) rules the great empire of China under the Dynasty of Qing. The Qing imperial Army. The Chief Commandant of The Army. Wing Yan-Kit (by Lau Chun Yan) is an honorable man highly skilled in ancient Chinese martial art. Yan-Kit may have a peaceful life with his lovely wife Fang Lin (by Esther Kwan) but his inappropriate integrity and sense of honor, makes him unearth a scheme leads by the Lord Pokatuo, a royal himself . Lord Pokatuo is secretly experimenting a remedy for immortality for Cixi, using extracts from sacrificed children. When Cixi passed away. Pokatuo goes on a rampage of murder to cover his scheme and Yan-Kit eventually falls under Pokatuo’s ruthlessness is sealed in the tomb of Dowager. Two decade passes and China goes into the Republican period. Two street hustlers the witty but lazy Hua-Kuang (by Max Mok) and the pharmaceutical obsessed Hsu Mu-Hua (by Peter Chan) Trespass into the Tomb of Dowager and encounter a living Terra Cotta, whom is Yan-Kit himself. He has been used as a guinea pig by the imperial physicians sharing the same tale as him, and they succeeded. He is rowan immortal, a dream sought desperately by past kings and emperors….

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