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TVB 2011 : Home Troopers – 居家兵團

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Home TroopersTVB 2011 : Home Troopers – 居家兵團
Xem online TVB 2011 : Home Troopers – 居家兵團
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– Home Troopers – 居家兵團 (2010-2011)
Notable : Replacing: Twilight Investigations (2010)
Release Date : December 27, 2010
Episodes: 20
Cast :
Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Raymond Cho, Angela Tong, Timmy Hung. Christine Kuo, Claire Yiu, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong
Zhuge family lives a middle class peaceful life. One day, the eldest son Jing (Kevin Cheng) suddenly resigns from his manager post, sets up a cleaning service company and eventually had his money deceived by his partner. Jing’s mother Lai KaKa (Liza Wang) infuriated but still activated the entire family to help in the company. Then KaKa discovers that she is down with an incurable disease. From someone who takes care becomes being taken care of, she realises the importance of mutual respect. She begins to ponders the relationship she has with her children…

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