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When Heaven Burns – Xa Thi Mạn TVB 2011

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When Heaven Burns

When Heaven Burns Theme Song :

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Title: 天與地
English title: When Heaven Burns
Genre: Horror, Rivalry
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: T V B
Broadcast period: 2011
Air time: Monday to Friday
Plot / Synopsis
Due to an accident, Radio DJ YIP CHI YAN (Charmaine Sheh) re-encounters her good friends from childhood who used to be in a band with her LAU JUN HUNG (Bowie Lam), SUNG YI LONG (Moses Chan), CHEUNG SUK LING (Angela Tong) and CHENG ZHEN HIN (Kenny Wong). Not only did the reunion allowed reminiscence of the teenage period 18 years ago when they were a band, but also evoked the hidden and bitter memories. YAN holds a deep grudge against her 4 friends because they didn’t save her boyfriend KA MING’s life in the accident that occurred several years back when they were out mountain climbing. Because of this incident, YAN became completely lost in her love life and unable to get out of this predicament.
On one hand, the four good friends loves YAN dearly, but on the other hand, each of them are struggling for survival in the real world. The five of them gets tied in a knot and rolls into a whirlpool of complex relationships, waiting to be rescued

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ahmet - 25 Jul 12 at 18:42:11

Ce1i cf4 du học xong ở nhe0 le0m housewife kia cũng đang hưởng thụ đới. Việc hưởng thụ như thế ne0o le0 tf9y fd thedch từng người thf4i. Với cả cf2n phụ thuộc ve0o kinh tế cũng như quan điểm sống. c0 me0 để anh add chfa ve0o ce1i vf2ng G+ của anh. ) Gie1 me0 cf3 thể chiếm đất đai như trean mạng nhở. 😀

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