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Witness Insecurity – 護花危情 – Linda Chung TVB 2012

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Witness Insecurity

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Chinese title: 護花危情
English title: Witness Insecurity
Genre: Modern drama/
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2012
Air time: 2nd. July 2012 onwards
Bosco Wong
Linda Chung
Paul Chun
Ram Cheung
Queenie Chu
Cilla Kung
Savio Tsang
Angel Cheung

Plot / Synopsis
Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer, Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) is assigned to protect Kiu Chi Lam (Linda Chung). A lone figure who possesses a depressive streak, Chi Lam has few social ties. Through Wai Sam, Chi Lam learns the true meaning of happiness.
Due to his questionable dealings with Lai Shu Fung (Lee Kwok Lun李國麟). Chi Lam’s father, Kiu Kong San (Paul Chun秦 沛) disapproves of their relationship. Afraid that Wai Sam’s meddling may threaten his wealth and status should his skeletons come tumbling out of the closet.

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